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He’s haunted by demons, suffering in silence, but can she be the one to pull him out of the darkness? 

     Gage “Stitch” Longton is the last of a dying breed, the only remaining member of The Withering who is unattached. He’s got a chip on his shoulder and a penchant for one-night-stands, but when he’s involved in a tragic accident, everything changes.  

     Amira Morado had it all; a rock star husband, a spunky daughter and a son on the way. She has plans for her future and a life worth celebrating, but it’s all taken from her in an instant. Widowed and left to care for her children alone, Amira struggles to be the mother she always intended.  

     Struggling with Cole’s death, Stitch feels obligated to step in and take care of the family he left behind, but Stitch never imagined he’d see something in Amira he never saw before. She’s full of fire and grit, but she’s able to see the good in him, something no one else seems to see.  

     Can loss be the catalyst that brings Amira and Stitch together, or is their troublesome past destined to bring their connection to an end? 

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