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Voice de la Muerta

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Published: July 1, 2021

     Megan McCall has an attachment. A ghost that won’t leave her alone. A spirit that belongs to none other than Jordan Jimenez, her high school tormentor.
    Running into Jordan was never in Megan’s plans and while the child psychologist in her wants to help the little girl, the wounded teenager she once was just wants to keep her distance. But her attachment won’t back down and Megan finds herself caught between her past and a present she isn’t sure she can trust. The Jordan of yesteryear was cruel and vicious, but this Jordan has a softer side that he slowly reveals piece by piece. Something about Jordan continually draws Megan in.
     While the bars around Megan's heart slowly crumble, the steel cage protecting her mind stands firm. With her heart and mind at odds, Megan must decide if she can help Jordan’s daughter crossover to the other side or if the demons of her past will be her undoing.

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