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Published: September 2, 2021

     Ryder Blue is out of control. He’s heading down a path of destruction, letting his callous behavior take away the only thing he really cares about, his band. Without them, Ryder is lost. He’ll do anything to get them back, but is his manager’s bizarre scheme the best option? 

     Chesney Simmons is a far cry from the women Ryder usually dates. She’s stubborn, fiery, and less than interested in Ryder. Still, she’s the perfect fit for the image Ryder must conform to if he stands any chance of returning to his band. 

With every moment between them like oil and water, Chesney isn’t sure how long she can tolerate Ryder. He’s cocky and callous and condescending. But damn, he’s sexy and so confident. 

     Can Chesney and Ryder find harmony or will the discord between them be their finale?

Limelight, Book 4

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