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Published: September 2, 2021

     Ryder Blue is out of control, barreling down a path of chaos and destruction. Time after time, chance after chance, he falls into a pattern of bad habits until his callous behavior takes away the only thing he really cares about, his band.

     Chesney Simmons always dreamed of a love worth waiting for. A love like her best friend, Lorelai, found with her rock star, Vaughn Silver. That fantasy of a future with her own sexy celebrity has Chesney salivating over the images of a damaged rock star on the mend.

  An unexpected phone call from Chesney’s father turns her life on its head. Chesney gives up her job and her small town for a vacation in Los Angeles and a trip to meet her father’s new love, Rhonda. She never expected an introduction, however, with the one man she’d been fantasizing about; the one man her best friend warned her to steer clear of.

    With every moment between Ryder and Chesney like oil and water, Chesney wonders if she can endure an extended amount of time with him. He’s cocky and callous and condescending. But damn he’s sexy and so sure of himself that Chesney doesn’t realize what she’s gotten herself into until she’s in too deep.

    Can Chesney and Ryder find a harmony or will the discordance between them be their finale?

Limelight, Book 4

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