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Dates of Disaster

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     Serving as dating guru at her local newspaper, Karissa Daly has gone on her fair share of dates. More than she’d like to admit. She’s all but given up on finding love, certain that she’s enough all on her own. But with her mother’s constant guilt trips and her roommate's penchant for walks on the wild side, Karissa finds herself on a slew of dates that never should have been.

     During a string of horrible, stranger-than-fiction dates, Karissa wonders if she’s cursed. If breaking the heart of the one man she truly cared for has set her on a path of never ending heartache. As her dating life unfolds, the cast of characters she meets just keeps getting worse, the dates more ridiculous. Through it all, Karissa finds herself wondering if the perfect match exists, or if every singe date is just another story in her collection of Dates of Disaster.

Daly Dating Book 1

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