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Forgetting Yesterday

Broken by the Sea, Book 1

Published: October 28, 2016

Missy Shaw thought she had her life planned out perfectly; do well in school, take her basketball team to state, and get a free ride to college. Her life wasn’t perfect, but it was constant. With her best friend Karley at her side, she could handle anything. 
After the death of her mother, however, her dad had other plans. Moving Missy from everything she knew in Kansas to the great unknown created a new set of problems. Attending a new school, all she really wanted was to be invisible, but that simple feat proved difficult when she has a run-in with the school’s basketball star, Adam Miller, on her very first day. 
Adam Miller is every girls dream; charming, sweet, and gorgeous. And for some reason he’s very interested in Missy. His attentiveness is unnerving as Missy does everything in her power to evade his interest. Living with secrets she’s not willing to share, Missy works to push Adam away in order to keep her family safe. But will keeping secrets really keep her safe?

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     We walked side by side, our hands brushing as we strolled along. I could feel my hands begin to tremble, aching to reach for his. I needed to get my mind off of what we were doing, and fast.

“You think the water will be cold?”

     Adam grinned deviously. “Oh yeah.”

     “What?” Now I was rethinking the whole swimsuit.

     “Relax, Kansas. You’ll be fine.” He grabbed my hand and tugged me down the beach to a public restroom, grabbing his swim trunks from the bag before handing it to me. “I’ll meet you back out here in a minute.”

     I stood, holding the shopping bag in my hand, just staring at him. A pep talk was definitely in order if I was going to expose myself to the cold ocean water.

     Starting for the first stall I began coaching myself trying to build up a little courage. “Okay, Missy. You’re from Kansas, so you can definitely handle the cold. Quit freaking out and just do it.” As I stepped inside, a woman from the adjoining stall stepped out, all the while rolling her eyes.

     Great. Now some stranger thinks I’m a crazy person. I changed as quickly as possible and returned outside to find Adam in his swimming trunks and nothing else. Stop drooling, Missy. He looked amazing. His sun-kissed skin was defined by hard ridges starting at his waist and rising all the way to his pecs. I never knew anyone in such amazing physical condition, but I presumed he had to put in a lot of work in the gym and on the court to be recruited by such good schools. I couldn’t stop staring at him, realizing how perfect he was in every way.

     “You chickening out on me, Kansas?”

      I looked up at the smirk he gave me and rolled my eyes. “Why do you always call me that?”

He shrugged. “Does it bother you?”

     “Not when you say it.” Why did I say that?

     He laughed and led me back to the beach.

     I wished he’d take my hand again, but he didn’t reach for it as we walked toward the water.

“It’ll only sting for a second.” He walked straight into the tide, right up to his knees, then turned around and ran back out, screaming the whole way. “Okay, that was stupid.”

     I was laughing hysterically unable to control myself as he ran back toward me with his eyes wide and the waves chasing after him.

     “You think this is funny?”

     I didn’t like the way he was looking at me. He started to inch closer and I tried to get my laughter under control as I slowly backed away. “Don’t even think about it.”

     “Say you’re sorry.” I was really trying not to laugh, but I just couldn’t stop. When I saw him picking up speed, coming straight for me, I took off running down the beach. There was nowhere to hide and I just couldn’t move fast enough through the sand, stricken by all of my laughter.

     In no time, Adam caught me and swept me up over his shoulder, carrying me toward the water.

     “Put me down.” I kicked my feet and flailed my arms, still laughing as I screamed. “No, Adam, stop. Put me down. Please.”

     “Say you’re sorry.” He had a good grip on my legs and wasn’t letting me go.

     “Adam, please!” I couldn’t stop laughing and screaming at the same time.

     “All you have to do is say you’re sorry.” I could see the water lapping around his feet. “Say it.”

     “I’m sorry. Now put me down.”

     “Okay.” He lifted me easily off his shoulder and set me down in the frigid water just as a wave crashed into my legs.

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