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Gulf Breeze, Book 1
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Annalee Montgomery left everything behind ten years ago, running away from her family and the boy she loved. Now, with her life falling apart at the seams, Anna returns home, forced to face everything she left behind while carrying a secret that could rip her entire world apart.

Anna's determined to keep her past under wraps, sticking close to the family bakery while avoiding the boy she left behind, Will Caldwell. In a small town, a run-in with Will, however, is inevitable. When Anna finally comes to face-to-face with Will, all her old feelings come flooding back, and she isn't so sure keeping her secret is the wisest choice. Still, if Will knows the truth, she could lose him forever.

Can Anna face her fears to find out if the love she once shared with Will is Irreplaceable?

Published: June 15, 2017

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