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Return to Yesterday

Broken by the Sea, Book 2

Published: November 25, 2016

After Adam Miller walked out of Missy Shaw’s life her junior year, she thought her world had ended. With her father’s relentless drinking and Missy’s numerous empty relationships, she’s learned to live her life as a hollow shell. Never feeling seems a whole lot easier than opening herself up to the emotions that tear her apart. She’s made a comfortable life for herself, going to school, working, and spending her lonely nights in the arms of her co-worker, Marco.

Everything is going just the way she likes until graduation nears and Adam waltzes back into town on the arm of Lindsay Dumont. With a single look, all her feelings for him come flooding back and being hollow suddenly isn’t so easy. His return opens up old wounds that Missy fears may never heal. Scars she’s fought so hard to bury deep inside. When all of her old memories dangle in front of her, she’s forced to find a way to bury her feelings for Adam while holding onto what’s left of her heart.

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     "Why are you here, Miss?” The softness of his voice sent concussions of anguish through my system.

     "Once upon a time I needed a friend in the worst way even though I had no clue. This amazing guy came into my life and stood by me, even when he found out about my deepest secrets. I thought maybe I could pay it forward.” Forcing a half smile, I bumped his shoulder, hoping my statement might lighten the mood.

     Clearing his throat, Adam replied, "I'm sorry, Missy."

     Turning so we were face to face, I took his hands in mine and said, "No, I'm sorry. I made a huge mistake.”

     When he didn't immediately pull his hands away from mine, I felt like our friendship was falling back into place, like there was a chance to be us again. His subtle smile as his thumb caressed my skin reassured me even more. "I think we both made mistakes.” The stroking stopped when Adam looked back at the house.

     Nodding, I asked, "Do you think we'll ever be able to go back to the way things were?” With a deepening ache, I found myself missing my friend more and more.

"I don't know. Everything's changed now."

     "I guess it has.”

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