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Published: April 16, 2020

     Sabina Carlisle's life goal was to make it big in  country music. She'd spend  almost  a decade  chasing that goal  and the following three years living it. It's been  a lonely  existence, but that's just the way it is when you're working hard to live your dream. With  a mother who pushes her  every day to, work harder, Sabina never really notices what she's missing. At least not until she turns eighteen  and her mother finally lets her tour  alone.

      Jesse Golde is just  a drummer –-  a background musician to the great Sabina, but  one night, he realizes being just her drummer is no longer  enough. He wants to know her deeper, spend more time with her, find  out what makes her tick. But Sabina's manager won't make that  easy. Jesse will have to fight if he wants to know who the real Sabina is.

      Will  a moment  of freedom lead to  a lifetime  of happiness or is this love story doomed before it  can  ever start?? 

Limelight  Series, Book 2

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