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Short Stories

A Midsummer Night's Sidhe


Delve into the realm of magick, shadow, light, and air with seven phenomenal authors and their fae tales of danger, betrayal, and love. 
Dive into THE WITCHWOOD with Kolin Gates 
Flee the enemy with Brittany White in FINDING HOME 
Find yourself FAE TOUCHED with Heather Marie Adkins 
Make a wish with Victoria Escobar in TRICKY WISHES 
Prepare for battle in ETHEREAL by K. Laslie 
Become EXILED with J. Laslie 
Discover BURNING LOVE with Ava Wood

My Fated Valentine

ASIN: B076K7VH28

Enter into sweet and sensual worlds of the paranormal with these 15 lovable USA Today and Amazon Award Winning Bestselling Authors.
15 authors will lull you into their worlds of faeries, witches, werewolves, vampires, mermaids, dragons, and succubus!

Predestined by Ava Lynn Wood

Emilia Campbell dreams of faeries. Faeries and a mystery man. And when her dreams continue night after night, Emilia goes in search of answers, scouring every book she owns on the highland faeries until she realizes the answers she’s searching for aren’t in any book she owns.

Emilia’s search leads her to a local bookstore and into the arms of the mystery man she’s been dreaming of, Brodie. When she realizes he’s been dreaming of her too, Emilia realizes there is something much greater than dreams at work here and Emilia and Brodie combine their efforts to find the reason they’ve been brought together.

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