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Published: December 14, 2017

    Vaughn Silver is a rock star. Every woman's wet dream. But Vaughn is tired of fake relationships and using women as nothing more than a distraction. After his latest tour, he decides it's time for a change of scenery. It's time to find out who Vaughn Silver really is and what he wants out of life. Leaving Hollywood in the dust, he tries to uncover the Vaughn Silver he was meant to be. But after months of searching, old habits die hard and the idea of finding a woman to distract him sounds more enticing than ever.
​     When Vaughn meets Lorelai, however, all bets are off. She's not his usual eager distraction. She's stubborn and withdrawn and a little cheeky, but there's something deeper. Something that makes Vaughn want to be different, to be someone else. To be Kade Sterling. Kade doesn't have a sordid past. He hasn't defiled hordes of women. Kade is deserving of a woman like Lorelai, his stubborn diner girl. 
​​     Can their combined pasts lead them to a life of contentment or will the secrets of their past destroy any chance they have for happily ever after?

Limelight  Series, Book 1

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