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Published: December 14, 2017

     Vaughn Silver is a rock star. Every woman's wet dream. But Vaughn is tired of fake relationships and using women as nothing more than a distraction. After his latest tour, he's desperate for a change of scenery. Leaving Hollywood in the dust, he tries to uncover the man he was meant to be. But after months of searching, old habits die hard and finding a woman to distract him sounds more enticing than ever.

​​     Lorelai Margolis has lived in Sisters all her life. As a single parent, Lorelai's sole focus are her two sons. But that all changes when Kade Sterling walks in. He's charming and funny and quite persistent. But there's a danger there, too. And mystery never led to anything good.

​     Can these polar opposites build a life together or will the secrets of their past destroy any chance they have for happily ever after?

Limelight  Series, Book 1

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