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Published: July 1, 2022

     Coral Briggs is getting married. But when her fiance' shows up wanting  a relationship with no rings attached, Coral is devastated. After everything she sacrificed, Coral is left with little more than her music and her name.

     Ashton Sparks spent years helping Coral write hit songs. He confided in her more than anyone else. But when Coral severs all ties, Ashton suddenly questions everything. Could Ashton’s playboy persona be the culprit? Or is it something deeper? Whatever the reason, Coral has returned, broken.  Ash refuses to get close enough to break her heart  and vows to guard her from ever getting hurt again.

     Still, Ash can’t help but wonder if he could be the man Coral needs in her life. The sins of his past remind him that he’s better off keeping his distance, but can the desires of his heart win  out or will his conscience prevail?

Limelight, Book 5

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