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Brandon Davis isn’t interested in love. He’s not interested in anything more than a one night stand. Not since the day he found his father choking his mother, trying to snuff out her light. That was the day his world crumbled beneath him. All he wanted was to protect his mother, to stop the violence that had escalated in the few months prior, but she was determined to protect his father, to keep him out of jail.

For years, Brandon lived with the guilt of not putting a stop to his father’s abuse and feared following in his father’s footsteps. That hasn’t stopped the increasing attraction Brandon feels for Arabella Montgomery.

Ever since high school, Brandon has been drawn to Bella, but he can’t bear the thought of hurting her the way his father does his mother, day in and day out. He’s done his best to keep his distance, burying his emotions in alcohol and meaningless relationships, but will he be able to keep his distance forever, or is their love Undeniable?

Released: May 31, 2018

Gulf Breeze, Book 2

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