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Lies in Love

ISBN: 978-1500359775

Losing love is easy compared to what can happen when it finds you.


After the latest in a long string of heartaches, her colossal crankiness has led Talia Byrne's friends to take drastic action and hire an escort. His cocky attitude and blase demeanor have her longing to slap him - and his perfect body makes her want to tear off his clothes.


After six years as an escort, Landon Havens thinks he's see - and done - it all. But none of his experience has prepared him for the little vixen that is dropped in his lap. So sexy and stubborn, she awakens something inside of him. Something that makes him question the life he's chosen. But can their love survive their secrets?


ISBN: 978-1547044306


Annalee Montgomery left everything behind ten years ago, running away from her family and the boy she loved. Now, ten years later, with her life falling apart at the seams, she comes face-to-face with everything she tried to leave behind, including Will Caldwell. He’s sexier than Anna remembered, and angrier too.

When her feelings for him resurface, stronger than ever, Anna is torn, worried about what will happen if the secret she’s been carrying finally comes to light. Will she find herself back in Will’s arms, or will she lose him forever.

Anna must face her fears to finally find out if her love for Will is Irreplaceable.

In a Dream

ISBN: 978-1976078163

Emma Potter has led a tragic life, witnessing her parents' murder at the tender age of five then being swept away to the Texas Hill Country to live with her grandparents. By the time she enters college, her uncle Peter is the only relative she has left and, while he's a bit unconventional, she treasures the familial bond they have.

But that familial bond is tragically ripped away when her uncle is killed in the night an Emma mysteriously witnesses the whole thing in a dream. While she's trying to sort reality from her nightmares, she finds solace in the arms of Aiden, her unexpected knight in shining armor. But Aiden as secrets of his own.

While Emma fights to find her uncle's murderer and decode the dreams that have become a nightly nuisance in her life, she must decide if she can accept the love she spent years trying to avoid, or if she's willing to throw it all away to hide what she envisioned In a Dream.


ISBN: 978-1979509602

Vaughn Silver is a rock star. Every woman's wet dream. But Vaughn is tired of fake relationships and using women as nothing more than a distraction. After his latest tour, he decides it's time for a change of scenery. It's time to find out who Vaughn Silver really is and what he wants out of life. Leaving Hollywood in the dust, he tries to uncover the Vaughn Silver he was meant to be. But after months of searching, old habits die hard and the idea of finding a woman to distract him sounds more enticing than ever.

When Vaughn meets Lorelai, however, all bets are off. She's not his usual eager distraction. She's stubborn and withdrawn and a little cheeky, but there's something deeper. Something that makes Vaughn want to be different, to be someone else. To be Kade Sterling. Kade doesn't have a sordid past. He hasn't defiled hordes of women. Kade is deserving of a woman like Lorelai, his stubborn diner girl. 

Lorelai Margolis has lived in Sister all her life. After a failed marriage, Lorelai knows that her sons are the only males she really needs in her life. But that all changes when kade Sterling walks in. He's charming and funny and quite persistent. But there's a danger there, too. And mystery never led to anything good for her.

Can their combined pasts lead them to a life of contentment or will the secrets of their past destroy any chance they have for happily ever after?



Brandon Davis isn’t interested in love. He’s not interested in anything more than a one night stand. Not since the day he found his father choking his mother, trying to snuff out her light. That was the day his world crumbled beneath him. All he wanted was to protect his mother, to stop the violence that had escalated in the few months prior, but she was determined to protect his father, to keep him out of jail.

For years, Brandon lived with the guilt of not putting a stop to his father’s abuse and feared following in his father’s footsteps. That hasn’t stopped the increasing attraction Brandon feels for Arabella Montgomery.

Ever since high school, Brandon has been drawn to Bella, but he can’t bear the thought of hurting her the way his father does his mother, day in and day out. He’s done his best to keep his distance, burying his emotions in alcohol and meaningless relationships, but will he be able to keep his distance forever, or is their love Undeniable?

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